Outdoorsman Branches
Outdoorsman was started in 1994, and currently has 6 branches. 
The owner of the store operates the store. We excel in service with specialized service in each department. 
The group started with the sole purpose of buying in bulk for the benefit of the client.
Visit any of our branches:

Alberton Sport Sentrum (Edms) t/a
Die Blou Meul
Outdoorsman Benoni Gas & Equipment Pretoria Kamadri Electri.Refrigeration & Outdoor cc
43 Van Riebeeck Ave 18 Bunyan Avenue 42 Pretorius Street 10 Laing Street
Alberton North, 1449 Benoni, 1501 Pretoria, 0183 Secunda
Tel: +27-11-907-1107/8 Tel: +27-11-422-1610 Tel: +27-12-328-7167 Tel: +27-17-631-1237
Fax: +27-11-907-1895 Fax: +27-11-421-4752 Fax: +27-12-321-6167 Fax: +27-17-634-2901
Web: www.diebloumeul.co.za Web: Web: Web:
Email: bloumeul@mweb.co.za Email:outdoorsman@worldonline.co.za Email:gasequip@worldonline.co.za Email:kamadri@secunda.co.za

What we don't have,
we will get for you
Vaalgas Distributors (Pty) Ltd Outdoor Gas & Equipment cc t/a Witbank Rod & Reel
19 Victoria Avenue Bailie Square
Vereeniging, 1930 Bailie Street
  Witbank, 1034
Tel: +27-16-422-3581 Tel: +27-13-692-5659
Fax: +27-16-422-3004 Fax: +27-13-692-9061
Web: Web:
Email:celesteb@vaalgas.co.za Email:outdoorsman@web4us.co.za

Available at all stores:-
Gas & Accessories, Camping, Fishing, Outdoorwear, Tents, Torches, Binoculars, Knives
Selected stores only:-
Firearms, Ammunition, Schoolwear, Watersport, Shooting Range,
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